Luc Rousseau

Luc Rousseau

Developer On-Demand & Digital Product Specialist

Luc Rousseau

With over 25 years of experience spanning UX/UI to freelance development, I offer cross-disciplinary expertise for your projects.

As a consultant and developer on-demand, I specialize in guiding startups and SMEs in creating their MVPs (Minimum Viable Products). Utilizing my unique skills in web development, artistic direction, and user experience—while adhering to budget and timeline constraints—I help develop products that truly meet user needs.

Let's Transform Your Vision into Reality.

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Making the Possible Tangible

I transform digital product development challenges into distinct, achievable opportunities to fuel innovation and ensure success.

Nesto 🧠

Synergy and Technical Innovation

Definition and Implementation of a Centralized System Architecture
  • Design of a Unified Architecture: I develop a centralized system architecture that serves as the foundation for all projects, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and ease of maintenance across various initiatives.
  • Adaptable Grid: I implement an adaptable grid within the architecture, offering flexibility and customization according to the unique requirements of each project, while preserving a solid and consistent technical infrastructure.
Technical Leadership and Team Coordination
  • Technical Direction and Supervision: I provide precise technical guidelines and support to teams to ensure alignment with the defined architecture and adoption of best practices.
  • Recruitment and Talent Development: I actively engage in the recruitment process, aiming to hire highly qualified candidates who align with the company culture, and I design technical skill tests to efficiently evaluate candidates.
Monitoring, Maintenance, and Evolution of Systems
  • Maintenance Process: I establish monitoring and maintenance procedures to ensure optimal performance of existing systems and their compliance with technological advancements or changing needs.
  • Constant Updates and Optimization: I regularly analyze the current architecture's effectiveness to identify opportunities for improvement.
Tech Stack

Vanilla PHP & JavaScript (ES6+), 95 React blocks for the Gutenberg editor, extensive use of transients and advanced caching, sessions/local storage, REST routes, and external API integration. It also includes rewrite rules for a fully custom WordPress setup, advanced MySQL tables & queries, Salesforce integration for lead creation, complex Webpack configuration to build theme variations via the command line, and many more cool features!

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Compare Mortgages 🧠

Architecture, Innovation, and User Optimization

Strategic Planning and System Architecture
  • Designing an Optimal System Structure: I establish an architecture that effectively supports the analysis and comparison of mortgage loans, thus ensuring optimal support.
  • Detailed Project Planning: I define key stages and deliverables to structure the development and ensure timely delivery.
Team Leadership and Coordination
  • Aligning Design to Development Stages: I effectively coordinate between the creation of functional mockups, design, as well as back-end and front-end developers.
  • Planning and Integrating Phases: I clearly define priorities and timelines for each phase, ensuring a smooth progression towards the final delivery while maintaining high quality and an optimal user experience.
User Experience and Result Analysis
  • User Interface Development: I work closely with designers to create prototypes and mockups that meet user expectations.
  • Creation and Integration of Efficient Tools: I develop and integrate advanced tools dedicated to A/B testing and in-depth data analysis.
Tech Stack

Vanilla PHP & JavaScript (ES6+), REST routes and external API integration, rewrite rules for a fully custom WordPress setup, advanced MySQL tables & queries, Salesforce for lead creation, a complex Webpack configuration file to build theme variations via the command line, and many more cool features!

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BrightWize 🧠

Innovation, Planning, and Technical Oversight

Project Evaluation and Planning
  • Feasibility Analysis: I comprehensively evaluate timelines, required resources, and the overall viability of the project.
  • Development Strategy: I develop a detailed strategy to guide the project's execution, including the definition of work phases.
Architectural and Technological Design
  • Architecture and Technology Selection: I design a project architecture and select appropriate technologies and tools to ensure effective and adaptable development.
  • Technical Prerequisites: I define technical requirements to ensure a solid foundation for the deployment and future growth of the project.
Ongoing Technical Supervision and Support
  • Progress Monitoring and Problem Solving: I regularly monitor development progress, paying particular attention to the proactive resolution of technical challenges.
  • Compliance Assurance: I ensure that developments are aligned with the initial project vision and meet high quality standards.
Tech Stack

Laravel, complex MySQL tables & queries, React calculators for the mortgage industry, web scraping, project scoping, estimation, and code reviews, ...

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Why Opt for a Developer On-Demand

Choosing a developer on-demand means securing a partner who understands your vision and provides tailored technical expertise to guide innovation and optimize development at every stage.

  1. Prevents costly mistakes, contributes to risk reduction, and secures your project.
  2. Ensures technical excellence and consistency at every development stage.
  3. Provides tailored leadership for building a high-performing team and selecting technologies.
  4. Plays a central role in the success of your digital ambitions.
  5. Combines technical expertise and managerial skills.
  6. Constantly monitors trends to keep you at the forefront.

My Developer On-Demand Service Offering

I bring you technical expertise coupled with a strategic vision to ensure the technological integration and adaptability of your project to current and future challenges.

Diagnostic Session

One hour of strategic consultation to review your technological challenges and identify opportunities.

  • Analysis of technological challenges and opportunities.
  • Advice based on best development practices and current trends.
  • Discussion on the state of your technological strategy and risk analysis.
  • Guidance to improve UX/UI in relation to your development processes.
  • Recommendations for next steps.

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Scope of Work (SOW)

A tailored action plan to realize your vision, including a detailed specification book and a roadmap.

  • Diagnostic Session included.
  • Development of a personalized intervention plan.
  • Product evolution strategy.
  • Analysis of suitable technologies.
  • Planning of resources and budget.
  • Definition of a development schedule.
  • Coordination of platforms and technological tools.

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Long-Term Partnership

A deep and constant commitment to ensuring the quality and evolution of your project.

  • Includes the Diagnostic Session and Strategic Planning.
  • Proactive management and regular monitoring of development and technological partners.
  • Strategic adjustments and continuous quality assurance.
  • Technological surveillance and advice on new trends.
  • Web development service.

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The Languages and Technologies I Master

My expertise spans design, development, and project management, transforming ideas into key digital solutions.

React ⭐️Vue.js ⭐️PHP ⭐️Webpack ⭐️Design ⭐️ChatGPT ⭐️Evaluation ⭐️Copilot ⭐️WordPress ⭐️GraphQL ⭐️REST API ⭐️GIT ⭐️Laravel ⭐️Agile ⭐️BEM ⭐️SCSS ⭐️Planning ⭐️Docker ⭐️Tailwind ⭐️Budgeting ⭐️Next.js ⭐️Figma ⭐️Leadership ⭐️

The Benefits of My Service Offering

I provide my technical expertise and strategic vision, stimulating innovation and optimizing development at critical moments of each project.

Problem-Solving Expertise 🔓

I find innovative and custom solutions for your challenges, backed by my diverse experience.

User Experience Focus 👥

I consistently evaluate whether the team's efforts align with your users' needs, ensuring their satisfaction.

Data-Driven Decisions 💬

I adopt an analytical approach, turning your ideas into actionable insights.

Agility and Adaptability 🔄

I use agile methods to stay flexible and adaptable, ensuring regular and efficient delivery.

Productivity Optimization

I create a dynamic work environment, maximizing productivity and your team's well-being.

Expertise in Coding and No-Code Solutions 💻

I combine traditional coding and No-Code solutions for maximum efficiency tailored to your needs.

Generative Artificial Intelligence 🤖

I guide the exploration of generative artificial intelligence horizons to maximize your innovative potential.

Beyond the Desk: Passion, Travel, and Photography

Because life is not just about work, I escape through travel and capture the world through my lens, sharing my passions that inspire me daily.

Clearwater Falls
Grand Teton